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Illustrator Yana Bukler has invited me to give a 3 hour workshop for her illustration students. I was showing a step by step acrylic technique, and Yana was taking pictures. Eventually 3 hours were too short, so you won’t see final art here in the end.
First I made a pencil sketch on a high quality paper:
Then I covered it with a thin, diluted layer of acrylic paint. I used Burnt Sienna, but it can be any color you choose:
Then I used a piece of candle to paint over it a transparent layer of wax:
It’s time to start with the heavy color work. First, the background: 
While leaving the object uncolored:
When I got into details, I started from dark to light:

The color palette was very minimalistic (the blue paint on the left is not mine):

Now it was time for the fun part – scraping the paint with a pushpin (it can be anything including your own fingernails) – since the wax underneath allows the dry paint to peel off: 
Time out, and I got only this far…

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