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You all know how it is to be at a starting point of a project. In my case, many urgent household missions suddenly accur. I do all the laundry piles that were waiting for quite a while, the kitchen sink has not even one dirty spoon in it, the kids get (relatively) better cooked food for lunch, etc… in general the house looks neat for a change. Not to mention how many times the fridge door is opened and closed and how many cups of coffee are made, how my (lousy) social skills are temporarily improved, since I want to be OUT instead of confronting the drawing board.

Sometimes it helps if there is a project you are already into, so you can work on it and sort of think about the new one in the back of your mind. However, it happened to be that these days I am working on some stuff which all happens to be at its very begining point at the same time. That is an obvious recipe for losing your mind. This time I tried to do something that has nothing to do with anything apparently practical, and is kind of out of the blue. Well, it’s still how I feel, in a way. My neighbourhood is right to the nose and downwards to the chin. I found my street (circled) right to the mouth. You can barely see the beach because it is clouded by shades. Anyway, this is, more or less, my living space. I hardly get beyond it. For example, I hardly ever get to the forehead. But who knows, maybe all those familiars streets still have something new to show me.

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