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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 · 7 comments

I haven’t been here for a long time… and just noticed it’s been exactely one year since launching this blog. I will show some new stuff hopefully in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can have a glance at the 3X3 Illustration Annual, which arrived (very late!!) a few days ago. When I take part in something like that, I have this strange feeling, as if my personality is split into two different Ofras: One is saying: “Wow, that’s me there! Look Mommy!” while the other one is saying: “Wow, look at all this brilliant work of all those genius people, I could never do that – how come I’m there?! Must be a mistake…”
That’s about it for artists’ schizophrenia. Here we go, some illustrations from the book “Wings” written by Maya Hanoch (on right – work by Simon Prescott):

Work posted here before, (on left – work by Patricia Cantor):

Here are my favorite spreads, this one is so beautiful, and combines three great artists – Lars Henkel (upper left), Yuko Shimizu (lower left) and Edel Rodrigez (right):

I know Lars Henkel‘s amazing work for a few years and I even have some prints of his work.
Another favorite of mine is this one, Petra Bader (left), Gérard DuBois (right). I like the choice to put together those two images, and I love the art of Gérard DuBois:
And last one, I was glad to find the work of Keren Taggar (right), who has a magic touch and I love everything she does. I also have two of these postcards, lucky me… 
(images on the left are by 3rd eye):

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