A Wolf, a Princess and Seven Dwarves

Monday, November 28, 2011 · 10 comments

First, appologies to all subscribers and blog followers who have been receiving some old post notifications from me lately – I hope it wasn’t too annoying and that you kept being faithful, to see this message. As you can see, some changes have been made here and now we’ve got a sort of “all in one” blog, portfolio etc. I am very proud of myself for building it with my own bare hands… yeah! I know it is less pretty than my old website but it is much easier for me to manage and this way I don’t depend on anyone, which is the best part.
So… finally, after quite a long time, the book “A Princess, a Wolf and Seven Dwarves” is out. I have mentioned it and wrote about it several times, here, here, here and here.
It is a collection of twelve Grimm Tales, translated from German by Hana Livnat, edited by Michal Paz Klapp and Designed by Orit Rubinstein, Kinneret Publishing House.
זאב, נסיכה ושבעה גמדים
מגרמנית: ד”ר חנה לבנת
עריכה: מיכל פז קלפ
עיצוב גרפי: אורית רובינשטיין

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